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Tel: (604)-987-4441

Business Hours (also Delivery Hours)

Monday        4pm-9pm  (9pm Last Call)

Tuesday       4pm-9pm  (9pm Last Call)

Wednesday  4pm-9pm (9pm Last Call)

Thursday     4pm-9pm (9pm Last Call)

Friday          4pm-10pm (10pm Last Call)

Saturday      4pm-10pm (10pm Last Call)

Sunday         4pm-9pm  (9pm Last Call)

*Delivery to all North Vancouver, West of the Seymour River. and West Vancouver, North of the 15th Street.

$2 delivery Charge  (Minimum Delivery order: $15 pre-tax)

Customer Care

To receive follow up regarding feedback about a recent order or experience with Lionsgate Pizza, please complete the form provided below. The information collected is required by Lionsgate Pizza to assist in the quick review and response to your inquiry. For immediate assistance please call 604-987-4441

Success! Message received.

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